Thursday, June 6, 2019

Rocket Glider Aleda-R

I have six successful launches on my Aleda-R Boost Glider from J&H Aerospace. This evening I made three launches. So far only the 1/2 A3-4T motors have been used which for the smaller area I fly from get it plenty high, Sometimes it gets rather low before the glider releases but other launches the glider releases rather high giving a long glide. The rocket powered portion of the flight has always been fairly straight vertical.  I have also built a swing wing rocket glider but have not launched it yet.

This is a real short blog post but I want to share some pictures and two videos.

Bill Kuhl

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Slope Flying With Friends

I have not done much slope soaring for awhile and it has been a long time since I have flown with other people so flying from a larger earth dam today was a real treat. I really was not ready with my gliders and forgot the fuselage for the glider that would have worked the best. The drive was interesting with all the curves in the road that seem to take you out in the middle of nowhere.

To dynamic soar over the grass covered back of the slope you need a wind that is close to North which normally is not real common in nice weather. By afternoon it was sunny and the temperature was perfect. When I arrived I had forgot how steep and long the hill is to the top, not that bad if you walk a diagonal path. Paul and Dave were flying as I arrived, Paul with conventional slope gliders and Dave was flying a F3RES sailplane. The light F3RES climbed easily in the not real strong wind on the front side and Dave even took it to the backside for DS.

Paul who is very experienced with DS had good laps at times and the wind would die also. So I flew the 2 meter Highlander glider that was given to me, I had never flown it before. After getting the ailerons moving the correct direction I launched it out over the rocky front side and it flew well. I landed for a time and when I tried to fly it again the battery was dead. That was a concern as I have no idea how old the glider is. When I was home I took the battery out and the builder had glued it to the foam. Darn near ripped the nose apart getting it out.

Super Scooter

I tried flying my Super Scooter but there really wasn't enough wind to stay up much of the time but at least being foam it survived landing in the rocks without damage. Later the wind picked up for a time and I could fly on the front side if very gentle on the controls. When it had some altitude I took it too the backside for some DS but never made more than 3 laps before running out of energy. Ali came a little later and flew tiny electric plane that climbed super high in the slope lift.

The trip back started a little challenging as I could get no cell signal in the remote valley so no GPS to help. I remembered enough of the roads to get where cell service was picked up again. It was a great day and hope to fly this spot again when my slope gliders are tested. 

Trying to Remove Old Battery
Paul DS Video