Friday, June 22, 2018

More Videos, Hopefully Better Video

I purchased a new computer this year with the main goal to create better videos, besides that my old computer was several years old and really slow. The new computer is tiny in size but powerful and runs really cool. After several years of publishing this blog I am amazed at how many views there have been over time, very close to 300,000 now.  If video is done well, I think it is more interesting than written articles. In that I am doing most of this by myself, it is rather hard to get images and video of model airplanes while flying at the same time.

The first videos will probably be more still images because that is what I have to tell the story. Besides model airplanes I hope to get back to more science and other videos. Mainly I just hope to keep learning, improve, and have fun. I have been thinking a lot about what makes an interesting story for the intended audience.  My most recent narrated video is a story about how I decided to build a free flight PeeWee 30 model and what I needed to learn. I have much to learn about narration and editing but will keep working on it.

Witch Hawk 500

I am really close to finishing up a couple of free flight models for the 2018 contest season. The Witch Hawk 500 is my first larger glow powered free flight using a K&B .19 engine for power. This is the first time running an engine on bladder pressure so I have been running it on a test stand. 

Almost completed is an E36 NOS free flight model, design by Don DeLoach of a classic glow model the Eureka. My skill level is still where I do not feel comfortable with really fast climbing airplanes, this should be more my speed.

Eureka E36 NOS

I have made one short flight with the 1/2 A Streak model built this winter, broke the fragile plastic prop and it started to rain so did not get anymore flights in.

1/2 A Streak

In the works are a couple of videos, one about free flight history and the older design models I have built because of my interest in model aviation history. Another video is about my model aviation history, and most of the different aspects of the hobby that I have enjoyed.

Bill Kuhl

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fishing Distraction to Model Airplane Hobby

To me it seems like events that a person really looks forward to seem like forever in the future and then all of a sudden come very quickly.  In July I plan to compete again at the 2018 Free Flight Nats in Muncie Indiana. There are two models I am still finishing up construction on and another one that has not been test flown yet.  When the weather is nice I would rather go fishing or fly model airplanes. With the opening of Largemouth Bass season it seems like there is a week that the fish are pretty easy to catch, even the big ones. That time period has passed but I still like to try during the hour before sunset. RC sailplane flying I sneak in time flying my UMX Radian at a local park during lunch or right after work.

Evening Fishing
Installed New Motor in UMX Radian

For the first time I will have articles in the 2018 NFFS Symposium report coming out this summer. One article is about Viscous DT timers and the other is about recruiting youngsters to free flight model aviation.  I created a website article that is more of a tutorial about the theory on the science of how a viscous DT timer operates; the Symposium article is more about suggestions on more effectively using a viscous DT timer in a free flight model. For testing purposes I installed a viscous DT timer in a rather small sport model the Blue Ridge Special available in a 2 pack semi kit from Volare, construction of the second model is well along. It really did not add much weight to a 14” rubber model and it brings it down effectively by popping up the front of the wing. I have a short video on this and working on more videos somewhat like the blog reports.

Blue Ridge Special

For the first time I have almost completed a larger glow powered free flight, Witch Hawk 500 powered by a K&B .19.  This is my first time running a glow motor on bladder pressure so I have done a lot of test stand running. To start a larger glow engine on a free flight model I also mounted an electric starter on a stool with a foot pedal switch. The plane needs to be balanced, sprayed with clear dope, and DT system installed.

Witch Hawk 500

Starter with Foot Pedal Switch

For this season I had put additional clear dope on my Basic Yeller PeeWee 30 model and replaced some parts in the PeeWee .020 engine.  It has made several flights this year which looked really good. I have ready to fly now a ½ A Streak powered by a K&B .049. The motor has been run several times and the plane test glided, looking forward to first powered test flights.

Basic Yeller Flies Again

1/2 A Streak

That is what I have been doing.

Bill Kuhl

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