Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Clifford Quinn You are an Amazing Person

Clifford Quinn I think you are truly more amazing than myself, hopefully in my retirement I will be able to personally reach out to more kids with my activities for now most of what I do is through the Internet.  Thank you so much for the samples of your kite design, it is so simple yet so wonderful in that it so easy to construct and flies so well.  The kite design I had created takes much longer to build and requires using hot glue guns. 
I received the following email from Cliff that I just had to share:

Hello Mr. Kuhl , you are an amazing person... I was searching the AMA site and came across your activities,, fantastic stuff. Please let me introduce myself. I'm Clifford Quinn, I live in eastern Pennsylvania and I have an addiction to Kites. I design kites, make kites, and teach kite making with adults and children. My real enjoyment is working with children.  This summer I spent 4 weeks teaching workshops in children's summer camps.  Kites are an excellent teaching tool.  Science, math, physics, art, history and culture all are tied together with kites. I also go to schools, children's clubs, scouts, actually anywhere I can pass on my passion and teach kids.
   I've been involved with kiting since the early 90's and being retired I have the opportunity to share and make a difference in the lives of children using kites to develop their skills while they have fun.  Besides improving knowledge flying kites are a family activity when parents spend quality time doing something together. In these times cohesive families are so important.
  I'm a member of the American Kitefliers Association  (a 501c3 organization) and on their Outreach Team which is devoted to educating and sharing the joys of kites
The purpose of my e-mail was to introduce myself and to see if you have an interest in sharing information and perhaps working together.

I look forward to your favorable response.

Flying Sample Kite

There are several articles on the Internet about Cliff:

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