Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Science Guy at Stewartville Summerfest 2014

It was another perfect day this year as was last year for the 4th of July celebration – Summerfest in Stewartville Minnesota. This year my table was located closer to the major activities and I had a steady stream of people, mainly children throughout the day.  I try to bring a sample of the projects found on my website; mousetrap car, model wind turbine, syringe hydraulic arm, simple electric motor, model solar cars, and some foam model airplanes. This year I also had the syringe hydraulic mechanical advantage demonstration device and the kit I built of the Leonardo Da Vinci Aerial Screw. Being on top of a hill I could launch model gliders down the hill and they flew a really long distance which impressed most people.

When I arrive I try to arrange everything somewhat neat but it doesn’t take long and it looks really messy because either I am demonstrating or the kids are operating the projects.  It seems for almost every group of kids and/or parents I have to explain what each project is.  I don’t mind that at all because at least it shows some level of interest.  Some parents have their kids guess what the projects are and then expand on how each project works.  At one time there was a grandfather, father, and daughter looking at my projects when a reporter from the local newspaper came by. 

Someone asked me if there were any more 4th small town celebrations in the area, they said Summerfest was wonderful as it was so typical small town USA.  I would have to agree; running race; fishing contest, kid’s rides, pedal tractor pull, craft vendors, live music, and food.  Later in the day there is a parade and fireworks.

Bill Kuhl

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