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Science Olympiad Wright Stuff 2015

I recently discovered that for 2015 there will be a rubber powered free flight model airplane event as part of the Science Olympiad.  The last few years there have only been events for catapult launched glider and rubber powered free flight helicopter. There was a trial event for a capacitor powered free flight airplane that I helped a student with online, not an easy task but they did very well.

Student with Wright Stuff Airplane

In 2002 I found out about students that had started with the rubber powered free flight Science Olympiad event and progressed to the most challenging indoor event F1D and won for the US in international competition for their age group. With the help of several people I wrote an article about this that can be seen on the Web at

Plane Overhead

Locally we have never had any Science Olympiad competition but I drove 70 miles one way to help students in Menomonie Wisconsin at least twice. That really wasn’t enough time to be of much help but I did get to see part of the competition.  Some of the older guys including myself that were flying indoors locally using planes that conformed to those rules and had our own competition.

Wright Stuff Plane I Constructed 

Flying Over the Crowd

Rules for 2015 are similar to in the past but not as restrictive in that you can build your own propeller and carbon fiber is allowed in the construction but not boron fibers. There is also a maximum weight for the rubber motor.  Entire rules are not available for free on the Internet but a CD can be purchased or there is a phone app available for a fee.

Wright Capacitor Model Student had Built

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Bill Kuhl

Updated 4/30/2015 - State Tournament Flight Chris Lung

Updated 1/2/2015   Video of Wright Stuff 2014 in Montana  

Update 1/21/2015 As a Result of this Post I Connected Chris Lung With a Club in His Area

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