Monday, March 14, 2016

Good Flying for Winter Build FF Gliders

This winter I decided I would build free flight gliders instead of the stick and tissue rubber powered free flight air planes that I had built other years. I started off with a simple kit the Mini Flash, I had built one before but converted it to catapult launch. To try something different I covered the wing with Monocote which was mentioned on the plans for ding resistance. Another hand launch glider was the Boweevil a larger glider, this one I wiped on spar varnish and then spray painted the tips for visibility.

Scout CLG and Dynomite TLG Stan Buddenbohm


The other two gliders I built were the Scout CLG and a tip launched glider Dynomite both kits from Stan Buddenbohm. Before winter really started I flew the Scout Catapult Launch Glider without finishing it, I was amazed for such a simple design how well it flew. Both of these gliders are featured in a DVD available from the National Free Flight Society, “ How to Build and Fly Catapult and Tip Launch Gliders” .  I plan to write about each glider in future blog posts.

Boweevil HL 

Last Saturday was relatively warm for March in Minnesota and the wind was light. Further adjustments are needed on the Dynomite and the wing broke loose from hitting the ground after a stall. I started launching the Boweevil and after a few throws it connected with a thermal, it kept circling while slowly moving across the field. Thought this might be the last time I saw this glider but it came out of the thermal before getting to the edge of the field.

As I walked upwind I noticed a father and two kids were trying to fly kites. As there was little wind, it was not going well for them. Remembering I had a Fantastic Foam Flyer airplane in my car so I gave it to the father and gave them a quick lesson on the basics. The kids were having so much fun with the airplane but I think the father was having more fun with the rubber powered model airplane.

Mini Flash HL

After they left I made some flights on the Mini Flash hand launch glider. With the Monocote covered wing this glider is a little heavy but it sure launches nice. A few good throws and the tiny glider was bouncing around in a thermal. The more circles it made the faster it went and before reaching the edge of the field it went into a steep spiral dive that stuck it into the soft ground. After pushing my luck so many times without losing a glider I thought giving the Scout a wimpy catapult launch it would be too low to be captured by a thermal. Wrong it started circling higher also but popped out of the thermal.

Mini Flash Survived High Speed Dive

At this point I really, really had pushed my luck and decided to take my winter glider fleet home. 

Bill Kuhl

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  1. I think we are returning to a mentoring form of education as the schools have fallen short. Thank you for doing your part.

  2. Thank you Ronnie also for all you do in mentoring. I also like to give credit to vendors and organizations that promote this type of model aviation.

  3. Very interesting Mr.Kuhl. I enjoyed it!

  4. At Lost Hills this weekend past I won a Scout Catapult Glider in the raffle. I look forward to getting it in the air soon.