Monday, September 19, 2016

Aeromodeller Mention

I recently subscribed to the Aeromodeller model magazine online version, this being my first online version of a magazine. Subscribing to anything that is read online is something I have resisted but this might work out pretty well for me in that I can read it anywhere. If I have my smartphone along or can view on a bigger screen on a pc or other devices with larger screens.  Aeromodeller is an excellent model aviation magazine out of the UK that covers most aspects of model aviation.

Flash Fighter
This month I was somewhat surprised when in the October issue was a mention of my name and this blog in a review of the Flash Fighter capacitor powered model airplane that I had reviewed some time ago.  For a toy model airplane that looks like a jet aircraft it flies pretty well, the designer Rob Romash is very accomplished in model aviation competition.  These airplanes were sold for a time at a real discount at Radio Shack stores, I just searched Amazon and it appears it is still available from online sources.

Allegro Lite

Whipit DLG

Last week I had taken vacation one afternoon to do some model flying as the wind was really low for this time of year.  It gave me a chance to try the Whipit tiny RC DLG glider that I had replaced the radio gear in as one servo had a rough spot in it. With such tiny servos, the tiniest hitch in the servo gears will cause problem. Luckily I was able to find RC gear out of another model that fit.  After adjusting the trim I had it climbing in thermals but that is not real easy.  I also flew my Allegro Lite two meter glider which flew well but I realize now that it must be flown faster to get fast rudder response.

Gizmo Geezer Propeller System

Wilbur Rubber Model Stabilizer - O'Reilly Plans

I have been experimenting with the Gizmo Geezer propeller system for rubber powered free flight and will be writing a review. This device senses the rubber tension and stops the rubber from completely unwinding and puts the propeller in free wheel mode. Also I am building a nostalgia rubber model the Wilbur which uses some building techniques I have not seen before.

Launching a Supra Unlimited Sailplane

Last Saturday was local monthly RC thermal contest. Not ideal conditions, dark and windy at times. We started launching some DLG’s for fun. Even my heavy Hyper DL was climbing in lift. Around noon we started our simple contest, take your best 4 flights and add together. The first glider I was going to use the stabilizer was loose so I used my really heavy 2 meter as it penetrates the wind well at 50 ounces. Other people were flying lighter 2 meter gliders that were staying up better but the two Supra unlimited sailplanes had total flight times of over an hour.  A good part of this was the pilots as the guys flying these gliders can make a Radian fly really well.  

Bill Kuhl

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