Thursday, October 13, 2016

Flying With the Gizmo Geezer

This past weekend I had the chance to fly my NJAPF P30 rubber power model with the Gizmo Geezer installed on a large field in a contest. It worked well with the exception that apparently I didn’t have the shielded sleeve connected properly and it came loose right after winding. The rubber retracted in a hurry back to the rear peg. Luckily damage to the fuselage was just some ripped tissue and I continued to fly the airplane.  I am worried about losing the winding attachment and need to connect it permanently to the blast tube wire.

My P30 using Gizmo Geezer Propeller

Covering Ripped When Connector Came Loose

Inside the Blast Tube
The airplane climbed out well although other P30 models were greater performance designs with rolled tube fuselages. Just the same it placed about halfway in the standings, with one flight the timer lost sight of my plane just as it made a max. I notice Clint Brooks includes the Gizmo Geezer in his Monarch and Boomer Mk III P30 model kits.  I also noticed many of the scale models at the 2016 Nats in Muncie Indiana had Gizmo Geezer propellers.

Gadfly with Gizmo Geezer

Nose Block Sold by Volare Products

I had emailed George Bredehoft of Volare Products
 with a couple questions about the Gizmo Geezer and the nose blocks he sells, I had purchased the generic one but he has special nose blocks to fit certain airplanes. The main purpose of the nose blocks is to get the perfect fit for the nose button which has three bumps sticking out of the round hole. George sells just the Gizmo Geezer nose buttons because some customers want just the ability to easily adjust thrust angles. 

Gizmo Geezer is located in Canada and the company consists of Orville Olm and Marcy Green. There is a lot of information on their website, a good place to start is at the sitemap.

Nose Might Come Out on Landing
Nose Stays on in Glide

As far as testing out the desirable features so far the nose has always remained inside the fuselage of my plane without the rubber band fastener I had over the nose before installing the Gizmo Geezer. Many times the nose will pop out when the plane hits the ground. I have not had a need yet to try adjusting the thrust line.  As far as I can tell the rubber unwinds smoothly and the propeller free wheels easily.

I have more Gizmo Geezer propellers on order.

10-24-2016 Update

Spinner Model

Received another 9.5" propeller with the spinner and also 7" propeller.

Bill Kuhl

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