Monday, April 24, 2017

CO2, Gliders, E20, and Embryo Weekend Flying

Nice model flying weather for the weekend and I tried to make the most of it.  I started out by trying to fly my CO2 engine powered model that I had just installed a fuse DT system. When I filled the CO2 tank it turned all frosty and the motor did not run, I put it away and flew my Retro Gnome free flight hi-start glider using a short hi-start. There probably would have been room to use longer hi-start on the farm land I was flying from but I had limited time. The trouble with the hi-start not releasing from the autorudder post seems to be solved with more weight directly under the towhook ring on the hi-start.

CO2 Powered Model 

Fuse DT Added
Frosty Tank
Bad Color Over Dirt
Retro Gnome

It was warming up pretty fast so I tried the CO2 powered model again. Filled it up and couldn’t find my lighter right away for the fuse so I launched it unlit. Oh no it climbed out perfect and was getting rather high. Luckily it didn’t find lift and came down in another field; it is the worse color for finding over dirt fields, black.  One more flight but this time I lit the fuse and it came down in a slow spiral as the front of the wing pops up. Two things improved my working with DT fuse; electric lighter I purchased from Larry Davidson and I used a new wire cutter to cut the fuse as recommended by Dan Berry instead of an old scissors.

Sky Demon E20

It was getting time to leave but I flew my e20 Sky Demon a couple of times and took video on one flight. Not very good video as it was headed in front of the sun. As I was putting my glider away I noticed a bunch of rips in the covering, this was from what was left of the soybeans. One hole in the e20 wing and the CO2 model had no rips because it had landed in what had been a cornfield.

Jestream Crash

That afternoon I flew at a different field that was grass, my RC soaring friend was there so I had him help with my Jetstream towline glider. At times there was little wind and I had to run fast to get it to climb. The transition to glider was not perfect and then on the last flight it spiraled into the ground. Wet ground probably saved the fuselage but wing broke pretty bad. The structure was fixed that evening but I still have to recover. A couple people gave me detailed advice on adjusting a towline before flying again.

Bad Axe Embryo

This weekend I wanted to fly my new Bad Axe embryo rubber powered model. About the time I went to launch it would get windier but it flew well, just got downwind fast. Next flight after lighting the fuse the wind comes up and I wait some before launching. It did not fly that long and I got to see the DT system in action; I forgot to add the DT limit for pop up wing. The wing flutters one direction and the fuselage went another direction but no damage to either.  Decided to fly RC sailplane after that, darn I get my exercise.

The next morning I tried to get out early to fly my embryo again but should have been out even earlier as the wind was increasing and workers were doing a controlled burn of the surrounding ditches. I did get in a couple of flights but did not wind sufficiently to gain much altitude. Trying to launch your plane and take video is not easy but I did get some that I will link to.

Bill Kuhl

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