Friday, July 21, 2017

College for Kids 2017 - Wound Up

Another year of College for Kids at Winona State University is completed. Even teaching to smaller class size it was challenging. Building anything is not something that comes easy for many kids and probably many adults. Someone that was an educator for many years and works now with model aviation education told me once it is the spatial intelligence that many kids have a problem with. My father was a master at that and could envision complicated machines in his head such as 4-wheel drive tractors and then build them with no plans.  I would like to think I have a little of his ability.

Doc Fizzix Mousetrap Car

Again this year students built the Doc Fizzix mousetrap cars instead of the design I had on my website, which saved me a ton of work getting ready. I think I am getting better at teaching with this kit and the cars went together fairly well this year. On the same day as building the mousetrap cars students built the framework for the Mountain Lion Mark II balsa and tissue model airplane which was new this year. This is a more delicate model plane than my foam and balsa model FFF. There was less breakage than I imagined but I had cautioned the students several times about the delicate parts.

Mountain Lion Mk II

The final day the Mountain Lion kits were finished up. With the first group of students I had forgot to caution the students that although both wing halves were identical, you have to cover with tissue on top side only of each wing panel. On a couple of the planes they had to rip off covering on one wing half and recover.  Teaching the construction of this plane should go better the next time. With experience you learn what the more difficult parts are and adjust your explanations accordingly.

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The local newspaper, Winona Daily News did a very nice story on College for Kids this year including much about my class, I have provided the link. Also a student had left her Mountain Lion airplane and I flew it at local park, it flew every bit as well as the one I had constructed.

Bill Kuhl

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