Friday, September 8, 2017

Cause & Effect - Educating Myself on Fishing

Cause and effect is the principle of causality, establishing one event or action as the direct result of another.” Wikipedia 

Lately I have been thinking a lot about “cause and effect” in regards to my hobbies.

Small Trout Stream

This past fishing season I have decided to take my fishing a little more serious and see it as an opportunity to learn. The majority of the fishing I have done has been fishing for trout in the small streams within 20 miles of where I live. I have also fished from a small lake, Lake Winona just several blocks from where I live. In trout fishing I have been pretty successful using the same Rapala lure for several years and fished it also in Lake Winona and did fairly well but never great, for sure it does not work well when the weeds are thick.

Lake Winona

What I had learned to catch trout in a small stream is you had to keep walking and only fish a short time in each likely spot, doing this I did pretty well. Looking back maybe 15 years ago it seemed like every small stream had trout you could catch, even within the city boundaries. In later years when I tried fishing those streams I have had no luck at all. The past couple of years even where I had good luck before I was not catching anything but yet I heard of other people catching many trout. I starting trying new spots and found I was catching fish again. Streams are constantly changing, especially after heavy rains or floods. Improvements have been made by different organizations to some streams and it is helping. 

Brown Trout from Small Stream

This spring I had exceptionally good luck fishing for largemouth bass in Lake Winona just after the season had opened. I realize now it was because the fish were still spawning and the large fish were really active for a few days. There were a couple of evenings I was catching huge fish on almost every cast but within a week it was tough to catch a single small fish. Then I would fish for a couple of hours in the evening and catch absolutely nothing. Since then I have done some reading and learned much from Doug at Hogline Bait & Tackle.  I try to buy locally from small merchants and find the advice they give me is well worth any additional cost from large retailers or online.

Largemouth Bass Caught Early Season

 Recently I came across an article online from a Sport Illustrated article about largemouth bass from an expert on the ecology of the fish, Dr. George W. Bennett. A few items peaked my interest and really pointed out my blaming the body of water for poor fishing really was incorrect. Like so many things that might seem like mainly luck, those people that excel at mastering the nuances do way better than the majority of the people with way less experience and knowledge.

Great article on Largemouth Bass

It is also interesting how the fish can be interested in a new lure but after seeing so many other fish caught with the lure they will be way less likely to be caught on that lure. I thought it was just seeing other fish get caught in an area that scared others away, I have seen that happen and made a video about it.  Hogline Bait and Tackle

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