Friday, April 11, 2014

The Math of the Viral Sharing

After the large number of views to my new website article Simple Aerodynamics With a Lesson in one day, I thought I would examine the Likes and the shares to better understand how the views had spread. When the Academy of Model Aeronautics had posted a share to their Facebook page it started a large base to spread from. With 21,234 Likes to there page, 40 shares to my article were made with 115 Likes.


The article also was posted to a Facebook group that I am a member of RC Soaring and Sailplane Society and had  19 Likes.  This is just one group I know it was posted to, there could be more. There were some nice comments as well.

My knowledge of social media marketing is rather limited, there are many people that do this as a career. I do see the possibilities.

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Bill Kuhl


  1. Bill, this whole social media analytic is quite the learning curve, as I am also finding out. My video of St. Mary's now how close to 2,500 views on vimeo, and I'm not sure how that accounts on Facebook. Stout just posted one of my photos yesterday, and it got 180 likes and 22 shares, almost none of those people I know. It's crazy how if just one of the right people shares it, it goes up incredibly fast.

  2. Daniel I shared the St. Mary's video with a bunch of people and some personally told me how cool it was. This summer I would like to write up an article for my website about your aerial video and Mike's also.

    Just posted the link to the video again.