Thursday, April 10, 2014

Viral Webpage on Aerodynamics

Google defines viral as "an image, video, advertisement, etc., that is circulated rapidly on the Internet." A webpage that I have been working on spread very quickly yesterday due mainly to shares on Facebook. My web statistics showed 900 pageviews in a single day which I think was very good.

This article was a big effort and I am not satisfied that it is complete.  Some aspects of aerodynamics seem to not be set in stone yet as a discussion of these topics can start a heated debate. I could give examples of this but I think I will spare everyone the drama.

The article consists entirely of drawings that I had done in the Paint program included with Windows, I am no artist but I think the drawings turned out fairly well. My hope with the drawings is that this will be easier to read and cheaper to print.  I might have to create a PDF version also as different web browsers print differently, often the text is way too small.

This article is also my attempt to move beyond a strictly how-to-build project article to an article that introduces math and physics. There are several math problems in this article that appear in orange text. It is my hope also that a complete lesson plan could be created by using the construction article for foam gliders and rubber powered foam airplanes from the website and combining with the aerodynamics.

Bill Kuhl

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