Friday, May 30, 2014

500 Years of Aviation Presentation - Friendship Center

Any chance I can get to talk about aviation and show off flying models I take. Yesterday I gave a 45 minute presentation at the Winona Friendship Center that was an updated version a presentation I had done previously. This time I demonstrated flying small quadcopters and walkalong gliders. For non-flying visual aids I had wood models of Leonardo Da Vinci Aerial Screw and Ornithopter and demonstrated the difference between a electric motor with brushes and a brushless motor. Sort of flying demonstration was the flying ball in an air stream.

The major theme I try to get across in the presentations is how ideas inspire others to expand on and improve concepts. Besides talking about the historic aviators I show the idea of  how the FPG-9 (foam plate glider) can be expanded on. I launch my foam gliders in front of the audience and explain what ideas I incorporated in each design.

Tiny Quadcopter Great for Flying in Small Areas

Rather Small Area to Fly but I Did

To show technology of model aviation has become so sophisticated I show my modern computer radio with audio prompts, downloadable software updates, and model memory for a couple hundred models. I flew the MiniVapor which flies well in small areas. I also flew a free flight mini-stick to show how a free flight airplane can fly in a tiny area also.

Mini Vapor

Hammer Down Foam Glider

Foam Plate and Straw Glider

Foam Jet II Glider

Granted not that many people attended but I have done presentations like this several times so that is understandable. It really inspired some good conversation afterwards for at least 30 minutes, I thought that was the best part. One person saw the possibilities for some kid events based on some of what they had seen.

Bill Kuhl

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