Friday, January 31, 2014

Progression of Ideas #1 - Foam Gliders

In my recent presentations I have tried to get across a common theme of ideas and inspiration, this can be seen in almost all aspects of life. Last evening I was watching a television show about the music of the sixties and it was brought out how musical groups were always inspiring each other to expand on their musical styles.  For me I have looked at many project ideas and have taken the ideas in many directions. Probably more common would be to start with a simple idea and make it increasingly complex, with the model foam gliders I created an airplane that required too many pieces and too long to build, so I worked on a progression of simpler models.

The FPG-9 (foam plate glider) gave me the idea and inspiration to create many more model airplanes from foam.

On One Foam Jet II Glider Radio Control was Added

Hammer Down Catapult Glider

Materials for Hammer Down Glider

When I designed the Hammer Down Catapult glider I wanted to use fewer pieces and came up with the idea of creating the wing in one piece from a foam meat tray.

Teachers Built Foam Glider and Added Propeller

Tested New Design With Kids Too

Created a Larger Foam Rubber Powered Airplane

Foam Gliders on Website
Rubber Powered Foam Airplanes on Website

Bill Kuhl

Join Simple Foam Free Flight Airplane here  - I have started a Facebook Group for people interested in simple free flight model airplanes made primarily from foam.

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