Monday, January 27, 2014

500 Years of Aviation History Through Models Presentation

Recently I gave another aviation presentation as part of the Frozen River Film Festival Fringe Friday activities, much of the presentation was like previous presentations but with the addition of rotary wing flight (helicopters and quadcopters).  For being during the work week and so much else going on I thought attendance was really good. My estimated time of 25 minutes was a little short and I had trouble getting the tiny Estes quadcopter started for some crazy reason. Also I had so much stuff on the tables I was having trouble finding things I needed for the demonstration.

Added from my previous Aviation History presentation was flying the Mini Vapor RC plane, two different quadcopters, the floating ball demonstration, two wood models of Leonardo Da Vinci ideas and a walkalong glider. I tried to carry through with the theme of how ideas and inspiration shaped not only the history of aviation but the model aviation projects I have done as well. With the floating ball demonstration I commented how there still seems to be debate on how the airflow over a wing creates lift.

Mini Vapor RC Airplane

Ball Floating on Air

Leonardo Da Vinci Aerial Screw

Leonardo Da Vinci Ornithopter

When I got to demonstrate the walkalong glider made of super lightweight foam I was running out of time. The next day at the film festival a couple of people that I did not know complimented me on the presentation which made me feel good, I know it will be improved the next time I give this.

Walkalong Glider

Tiny Estes Quadcopter

People enjoyed my story of the AR Drone that Drowned.

Bill Kuhl

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