Tuesday, August 6, 2013

AR Drone Drowns in Lake Winona

I was just getting a little confidence in flying my AR Drone quadcopter, recently switched to the outdoor hull because it had not crashed into anything for a long time. Last night I tried to fly my AR Drone by the small lake  a few blocks from my house, I had flown it there the night before with no trouble. Normally I take it off the road and then fly it over the open field. Last night it took off and headed for a tree, kept trying to give it up  control to get over tree. Just managed to clear the tree but then it headed for the lake, nothing would work in the controls and it flew out over the water a long ways and landed. Luckily there is enough foam and it floats. So I went home and threw my kayak on top of my pickup and went back for a late evening kayak trip.  It was still floating in the lake  as I paddled towards it but much was submerged.  I put it in the kayak and pulled the battery connection as fast as I could to stop the hissing sound.  Dumped the water out the best I could. 

No not Lochness Monster but Shell of AR Drone Floating in Lake Winona

Back at home took it apart and blew it out. So far it doesn't work but the red lights come on by the motors.  Crossing my fingers when it completely dries it might work, radio control equipment has done that before for me that was underwater. This morning it still was not working so I am afraid it has had it's Viking Funeral.

Trying to Dry Out AR Drone
I will check into getting the AR Drone repaired. It is amazing technology but it has faults for sure. Trying to fly a device that has its' own intelligence but you control it also does have downfalls. The video and especially still pictures were never all that clear either.  Hopefully the next generation of AR Drone will be better yet, mine was 2.0.

Flying by Lake the Night Before

Final Resting Place for AR Drone

Bill Kuhl

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