Monday, August 12, 2013

Planes Movie Inspired Postal Design Contest

There has been a lot of buzz lately on the Free Flight Mailing List about the new animated movie "Planes".  Earlier this summer Dave Gee known as "Stuka Dave" by the model airplane community had shared a video of a free flight rubber powered model he had designed and built of the star of the movie "Dusty Crophopper".  Dave lives in the LA area and seems to have an inside on things Hollywood.

Planes Display in Target Store

Just last week Stuka Dave announced that someone will be handling a postal model airplane contest for rubber powered free flight model planes that have a likeness to airplanes in the movie Planes. In a postal contest you can build and fly your model airplane anywhere and record flight times. It was asked for this contest that a Youtube video be created also. I plan to build a plane for the event, sure sounds like fun.

The Rules

The Utterly Unauthorized “Little Wings Around the Globe“  Planes Movie Postal Cookup Contest!

24 hour comment period for these proposed rules.  Once the movie is released, the rules are fixed (unlike the contest).

1.        This cookup/contest is for characters from the animated movie “Planes”.  Any aircraft depicted in the movie is eligible, even if it did not have a speaking role. 

2.       Models must be rubber-powered free flight, any material and construction type.  Full-fuselage, “Dick Baxter style” box, or profile are all acceptable.  Gear may be depicted as retracted, since  ROG is not required.  Nominal wingspan is 16 inches, but contestants may opt for larger or smaller models at their discretion.  DTs are allowed, but trickery, gadgetry, and perfidy are not.

3.       Models must be recognizable and representative of the prototype.  No scale judging,  but excessively altered airframe proportions are not allowed.

4.   Your best two flights count as your score.  Official flights may be made indoors or outside. Unlimited attempts are allowed. 

5.       At least one of the two “score” flights must be shown on video, preferably uploaded to YouTube for the enjoyment of all. 

6.       To provide plausible deniability in case the lawyers come around, Llewellyn Parchinski will serve as contest director from a secret undisclosed location.

7.       Contest will run 90 days from the movie release on August 9, 2013.  Mr. Parchinski will provide suitable prizes, based on the number and quality of entries.  Official entry and inquiry contact is

8.       Advance registration is requested but not required.  Pilot’s name, aircraft choice, and a picture or two of construction and/or finished model should be sent to the above email address.  A forwarded YouTube link showing a flight will move pilots from Entrant to Contestant status.  All messages will be forwarded to the secret contest headquarters location. 

Editorial notes:

1.  These are the final rules.  24 hour comment period expired a long time ago.

2.  Play games with these rules at your own risk.  Decisions by the CD are final.


Bill Kuhl

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