Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blog Post #100 - the Mice are Back

Actually it is the interest in mousetrap cars has quickly rebounded as school resumes in the United States. I am happy about this but also like to see some of my other projects share the spotlight which is what happened this summer.  While at STEM Day at the Minnesota State Fair last week I overheard several parents tell there kids we should build this at home. I wish there was more of that going on as it seems that 80% of the views to my website comes from school activity.

Mousetrap Car Article Views Jumped to Almost 300 Yesterday

Blogger is showing me that this my 100th blog post with views approaching the 15,000 mark in a few months, I feel that is pretty good. Now that the blog is underway I think cutting back to maybe two posts a week would be appropriate. It rather amazes me that I find so much to write about and I realize why I am so busy.

My Mousetrap Car Built in India

This past summer the views to the website have been kept alive partly to the views to new cyber-friends from India. They are going to school for part of what is summer in the United States. It saddens me that India is so far away that I do not get to meet people there in person.

Thank you to everyone that has been reading this blog, it inspires me to come up with new stories.

Bill Kuhl

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