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Alden Balmer - Doc Fizzix

My website and hobbies have lead me to cross paths with some incredible people, one of which is Alden Balmer the creator of Doc Fizzix the premier mousetrap car kit company.  Almost everything I know about mousetrap cars is from the Doc Fizzix mousetrap car kits I purchased and reading his book, “Mouse Trap car: The Secrets to Success”.   On my website mousetrap car articles are by far the most popular of any project articles often bringing in hundreds of views in a day.  No doubt the popularity of the mousetrap car to be used in physics classes is due to the efforts of Alden Balmer.

Typical Doc Fizzix Mousetrap Car

The Kits & Book That Got Me Started

Alden is teaching physics again at the high school he had previous taught in Texas before starting Doc Fizzix and still running the company.  I corresponded very frequently with Al for a time but he is so busy now that I keep up with his activities through Facebook.  His ability to inspire and motivate young minds since his departure from teaching several years ago has not faded a bit even if present students might normally have more trouble focusing than in the past.  He had shared a copy of a letter from a student just recently that was so moving.

“Dear Mr. Balmer,

Thank you for being such an awesome physics teacher. I’ve always done fairly well in science, but it has never been easier for me to learn. You have made physics class interesting and fun. The experiments you do are exciting, engaging, and make it easier for me to understand the material.  I never really liked science until I got you as a physics teacher. Now I am excited to go to physics class, and it has even become my favorite subject. I’m going to miss having you as a physics teacher, and I don’t think I will ever have a class as much fun as yours. Thank you so much for all that your class has taught me, and all that you have done for me as a physics teacher.”

About Alden Balmer for PITSCO website

Update 4/30/2014

Another student praising Al Balmer as the best teacher:

Bill Kuhl

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