Thursday, May 30, 2013

Floyd Richards - Mentor / Friend

In past blog posts I have mentioned one individual that taught me more about model aviation than anyone else and also was a big inspiration for me to teach others what I had learned. His name was Floyd Richards. In my post about indoor free flight I had mentioned how someone had given me Floyd's name to contact after they had seen me flying a rubber free flight airplane at the local radio control field. We would not only fly indoor free flight, indoor radio control, and radio control soaring together but would also have lunch together on occasion. When I needed a little help on some model airplane problem he would invite me over to his shop and I helped him with computer problems.

Floyd Richards Surrounded

AMA Cub Scout Event

Floyd was a retired engineer when I met him; he was very detail-oriented as well as a perfectionist. Sometimes his was manner could be seen as slightly odd, but I embraced his brilliance. The only picture I could find of Floyd was him helping at an AMA Cub build for a group of cub scouts.  Floyd was good at helping kids but it was really not his deal. He would was wonderful with helping me to a point but expected that I would follow through and complete the task, as it should be.

Floyd's Gentle Lady Sailplane in Flight

Floyd got the use of the local armory for indoor flying and at one time had modelers from surrounding cities coming to fly in Winona. Even though most were flying indoor RC airplanes he would convince them to build a certain free flight rubber plane for an informal contest.

Floyd Sold me Camera Plane

When Floyd moved away to be closer to family we continued to email on a regular basis. He always wanted me to come and visit but I always felt I was too busy with something. And then it was too late.

Sailplane Floyd Sold me to Get me Started 
Floyd Appears in this rather poor quality video and almost gets hit by a landing airplane:

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