Monday, June 3, 2013

Building 2 Pole Electric Motor Kit

In my quest for ideas in building a better electric motor I purchased four electric motor kits to give me more ideas to design another 2-pole motor. This has worked well for me with model airplanes, I have found many good ideas from building kits and have found ideas that could cause trouble. In building this 2-pole motor kit I could see that I did not use enough wire for the coil windings in the motor I had designed.

In building the kit the wood parts for the kit were all laser-cut which made for a good fit. I was worrying about finding a "soft iron" core for my motor but this motor used a couple of small bolts for the core. Like my motor the shaft was solid brass but the bearings were wood while I had used plastic. I got the wood bearings as free as I could but I think the plastic would still have less friction.

Brush on the Right has Big Gap  

Holding Brushes the Motor Did Run

In the kit the commutator was made from the ends of the wire coming off the coils. The brushes need to be bent to a curve so there is contact with the wires.  This appears to be difficult to form accurately enough and maybe is not supported well enough either. The one time I got the motor to run I had my fingers supporting the brushes. I would like to make some changes with the brushes and see if this motor might run better.

If Only Wire Brushes Could be Bent This Well 

2-Pole Motor I had Built

Bill Kuhl

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