Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Commercial Fishing by Winona with Bud Ramer

I ran across an old webpage I had created from a time when Bud Ramer had taken me along to pull up hoop nets in his commercial fishing operation.

Commercial Fishing on the Mississippi River

With the

Ramer Fish Company
Dragging the bottom to find the rope on the net, a marker makes finding the rope fairly easy.

Heavy weight with hooks used to snag the rope on the hoop net. Nets are fastened to bottom and trail with the current.

Fish are very much alive when the nets are raised.

Bud's employee pulls up net. Hoop net allows fish to swim in, but they can not swim out.

Certain times of the year the catch is almost exclusively catfish.
Only catfish of a certain length range maybe kept.

Electric pump keeps oxygen in the tank.
Some of the smaller catfish.
Larger catfish appeared to be more common.
Another heavy load of catfish.

Peaceful backwater area looks like a large stream.

Threading a large flat-bottom boat through fallen timber is not always easy.

Through the Tough Spot.

Nice view of shoreline.

Hung-up on the sand in shallow area, Bud gets through.

Sand piles up in backwater.

Time to push with a strong pole.

Boathouses along Latsch Island.

Close-up of the wagon bridge that is being refurbished

DNR Article about Bud Ramer   I like this quote: "Ramer attributes his good fortune to salesmanship and a constant search for new markets. "Any idiot can go out and catch a boatload of fish," Ramer says. "The real trick is finding someone who'll pay for them."
WDN Article from the Day of His Funeral

Bill Kuhl

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