Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fuel My Brain - Rochester Minnesota

Kevin Guy the proprietor of Everything Hobby in Rochester Minnesota started a nonprofit program known as Fuel My Brain for kids. One Saturday a month for over a year there was a project build activity for kids and an adult. The activities were much like what I was doing with ScienceGuyOrg, for most of the sessions the attendance was good. Luckily there was a large school yard across the street from the hobby shop where we could try out projects like water rockets and kites. Kevin provided a very nice classroom space.

Presently the program has been taking a little break but hopefully will start up sometime in the future. It was a big commitment for Kevin because he or his hobby shop staff had to take time away from the hobby shop on the busiest day of the week. There were some great volunteer helpers also but more would have been better.

I have to believe the kids and everyone else that participated got much out of this, I know I sure did. Take notice of how well the kids and the adults bonded together when working on a project. In many cases the kids were learning how to use a ruler or other tools. Older kids were normally there alone but younger kids could be with a parent, grandparent, or a teacher might bring a group of kids.

 Bill Kuhl

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