Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Schools Out - Summer Slump

Views to a science / project website such as mine pretty much follow the school year. No doubt there will be some interest from summer camp programs but the major interest to is from schools and student assignments for school. This past school year brought many views to my website, normally over 500 unique views a day. The Hydraulic Syringe Arm and the foam gliders have been popular new additions this year.

Working on the Math & Physics for Future

Summer is the busiest time for me as that is when I teach for summer camp programs which are the testing opportunities for the projects on the website. Each year I try to tweak the kits I make up for students a little bit more so that I do not need to spend so much time helping students.

Summer Camp Water Rockets

Building Model Solar Cars

This summer I am also thinking of how I will improve the website for the next school year. The direction I plan to head is to add more educational content such as the math and physics that would go along with the projects. Currently my emphasis has been to just present how to build the projects and how to operate. At some point I would like to see some revenue from my website which has been entirely an expense endeavor. If I go the advertising route I sure do not want it to detract too much from the website.

Bill Kuhl

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