Monday, June 24, 2013

My Frustration with Itunes

The iPod is such an amazing device in many ways and a marvel of engineering for the power in such a tiny package. I use mine almost exclusively to listen to podcasts normally when I am walking. Recently I purchased my third iPod which was in the $150 range, previously I had the under $50 version with no screen.  Through many versions of the iTunes software I have always been frustrated that it was not easier to use. Last week I came out of the closet on this and I found other people felt the same way.

Only Day of Week Listed on These Podcasts
Subscribe Choice but no Unsubscribe


For me when I bring up iTunes it seems to start at a random screen, maybe the same as the last session but not always. Navigating between screens sure could be easier.  Deleting individual podcasts or trying to unsubscribe from a podcast seems to be not clear and at times it just will not work.  It appears to update a podcast you need to connect through the iTunes store but it would appear you could see all podcasts without doing that. I wish each screen was labeled with a name, at least I could describe better what I am talking about.

Even Though Subscribed, Appears Need to Connect Through ITunes Store to Update

Maybe if I was younger this would all be intuitive but it puzzles me that this technology put so many music stores out of business.  I work with computers everyday and I am familiar with so many menu structures through so many programs but this just seems to be lacking in good user interface design.

  Bill Kuhl

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