Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thoughts on 2018 Looking to 2019

It has been an interesting year, mostly good but not completely, my mother passed away just before Thanksgiving but harder than that was seeing her suffer before it was all over. I enjoyed my hobbies when I could but found time to visit her every weekend and pushed her in the wheelchair either inside or outside the nursing home where she lived. I was so happy to see how nice the other residents were to her even though she seemed rather grumpy at times. It was strange to hear them tell me how proud she was of me, something she never told me which seems typical for her generation. 

New Gollywock Repaired

Sig Cub Electric Free Flight

Eureka E36 Climbing After Wing Recover

There is so much to do now as I pretty much left everything go but sure glad I did that. By the end of March I plan to have much more time when I retire. I am not counting the days as I enjoy my job and the people I work with, it is just there are things I rather do.  Now I realize that all the time can’t be spent building model airplanes as my house is pretty well full now. Related to the model aviation I would like to work more again with young people and the science projects.

Profile 1/2 A Control -line 2018 

This fall I repaired some of my free flight model airplanes and started building new ones. Simpler projects first like rocket gliders, sport electric free flight, and a catapult glider. For 2019 I have a good start on the construction of the BMJR Satellite GLH 320 ½ A gas free flight and ¼ A for TeeDee .020 Foo-2. I am also constructing a ½ A control line with built-up wing and fuselage the ½ A Viper.

Satellite 320 Wing Half

The other thing I want to expand in writing in the future is just how important science and engineering are to society. It seems emphasis is on athletics and arts but science and engineering is forgotten.

Bill Kuhl


  1. The loss of your mother was a very sad event in your life. The followers of your blog grieves with you. We commend your efforts to make her last days as good as possible. We look forward to your renewal of interest in working with kids in youth education.

  2. Thank You Ronnie for your comment.