Monday, December 3, 2018

Catching Up Almost Month Since Last Post

Outdoor flying in Minnesota has pretty much ended for me and I am trying to repair planes before building new ones for 2019. I have done some quicker builds between repairs; two rocket gliders, Science Olympiad catapult glider, and a Sig Cub setup for electric with STRIX timer. I did get one launch of Aleda R boost glider in the cold that went pretty well, just some stall in the glide. 

New Gollywock Fuselage Covered with Clear Mylar
Esaki Tissue Added

My mother passed away a couple of weeks ago and I have been busy with things related to her death. I did get the chance to give a science demo on electric motors, model solar cars, and model wind turbines. Made a visit to an after school class doing Science Olympiad and demonstrated my Protégé catapult glider. I hope to spend more time working with students and science related activities but I do not find much interest in that locally. 

Aleda R Boost Glider

Eureka E36 Short Test Flight

Reflecting on my free flight flying this year, I want to improve on my building and covering for next seasons models. I have been trying the tissue over mylar in more models and it is working better for me as I get the tissue attached without loose spots or wrinkles. On my Euerka e36 I recovered the wing with Polyspan lite which keeps the structure rigid in humid conditions but it is hard to fill the covering without using too much dope. I try to spot the places where tiny holes appear instead of so many coats on the whole structure. To get the stick joints closer to perfect in construction I ordered a Fourmost Miter Sander.

Sig Cub Electric

For several years I did not fly any model airplanes powered by a glow engine, only flew gliders or electric. At first I did not miss the mess or the noise but as I got into outdoor competition free flight I wanted to try glow engines again. Part of this was to be able to fly in more events, part has to do with nostalgia, and it is fun working with the engines. A friend even sent me a couple of model diesel engines which will be fun to get running. 

ED Hunter Diesel

Test Running Cox Medallion .049

In the back of mind I am thinking of attending a distant free flight contest this winter. Maybe not to fly or maybe fly an event that lends to easy airline travel.

Bill Kuhl

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