Sunday, May 19, 2013

Walking 10,000 Steps a Day

Often I talk about the inspiration of people to positive outcomes for other people. In this post I will describe how a small electronic device has inspired me get daily exercise for over one year. The device is known as the “Fitbit” which I describe as a sophisticated pedometer. There are many other like devices available and there are inexpensive pedometers but I have not found these to be very accurate. Counting steps has been the primary function I have used my Fitbit for.  What I do find useful with an electronic version is the easy transfer of my daily steps to computer and receiving weekly reports of my progress, the graphic badges that come with milestones are a pleasant reward.

After purchasing my first Fitbit I decided to try to get in the 10,000 steps a day that is recommended for good fitness, this is about 5 miles.  Some of my steps are acquired from other types of exercise besides walking such as; cross country skiing, bike riding, or walking on a tread mill.  Getting in the steps everyday is not always easy, you need to think about any time slots you can spare to get some steps in. Many days the weather is such that you need to think of indoor alternatives for walking. At times I end up having to pace the floor in my small house to get in the 10,000 steps. 

Receiving the 2000 Mile Badge

After getting into this routine for a few weeks, I found this to be just another routine in my life like brushing my teeth or taking out the trash.  If you are a rather motivated person a device like this may help you be more committed to get regular exercise. To me it has become an obsession, but I enjoy it for the most part and feel wonderful. I somehow managed to get in at least 10,000 steps a day for almost one year and then the rechargeable battery in the Fitbit would not keep it operating for an entire day. For a week I tried a cheap mechanical pedometer but it was so inaccurate I gave up.  Then I found a cheaper version of the Fitbit known as the Fitzip. This does not have all the extra features but it works on a replaceable battery which should last for several months. 

My Most Active Week so Far

On my second year of walking with the new Fitzip I had to miss getting in all the steps because I was sick for a couple days, the first sickness in four years. Two other days I just could not fit in all the steps into my schedule but I just feel good that I am getting a good level of regular exercise. I am diabetic but manage normal blood sugar level with no medicine. I have to believe the regular exercise is a big part of it. What helps me also is that I enjoy many hobbies which force me to walk such as retrieving model airplanes, cross country skiing, and small stream trout fishing. I also enjoy nature and enjoy hiking in the woods and exploring new territory at a walking pace.

Great Walking Trail Around Small Lake

Last Major Badge

Bill Kuhl

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