Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Path to Learning Physics

2013 has been an interesting year with my science guy activities but for 2014 I want to concentrate further on the educational aspects related to the projects on my website. I have been going through a process of trying to re-educate myself on much of what I might have learned in school in math or physics courses. Besides reading books there are so many educational tutorials on the Internet that are really helpful, a resource not available when I was in school.

An outline on how to approach learning physics and math which are so interrelated seemed to be a good first step for me.  To me it starts out with working to get the basic understanding and then work with the sample problems to be become more comfortable. I am finding some of the model aviation books that were rather technical in aerodynamics are now making more sense to me.

My Outline for Learning Physics includes becoming comfortable with the following:

  • The vocabulary
  • The symbols used in equations
  • Units of measure especially the metric system
  • Working easily with the trig functions
  • Working with and interpretation of graphs and working with data
  • Force diagrams

Feel free to comment or add to my outline items.

Happy New Year,

Bill Kuhl

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