Thursday, July 30, 2015

Low Investment Bass Fishing

Every hobby that I enjoy I try to learn from it and figure out how it may best fit into to my life situation. Other than a kayak, I do not own a boat and almost all of my fishing is done from shore. For many years I have enjoyed fishing small streams for trout. In recent years the quality of the trout fishing seems to have diminished in many of the streams that are in my area. The water level appears to keep going down and by summer many of the streams are choked with weeds.

Largemouth Bass Caught in Lake Winona
All Fish are Released

Tiny Bass Caught in Lake Winona

Big Lure Tiny Bass

This year I have been doing some fishing from shore for largemouth bass in a nearby lake and a small pond. My fishing has been done in the evening about sunset when the fish are normally close to shore. In that little travel time is needed I can spend just an hour with most of that time fishing. The lake is close enough to walk to or ride my bike so I get in exercise time also. 

Bass on Rapala Lure Caught in Pond

Bluegill Caught on Lure

Earlier in the season I was using the same Rapala lure that I use for trout fishing. I caught some of the smallest bass imaginable, it was almost comical. After posting on a local forum, I found out the small bass often hang closer to shore. It was suggested that I try a plastic frog lure to go across the weeds without getting snagged. At the smaller pond I did catch some larger bass with the Rapala lure because I could throw half way across the pond. The weeds grew higher in both spots and I switched to the artificial frogs.

Bigger Bass Caught on Artificial Frog

The artificial frog directions say wait two seconds before setting the hook; I am less than proficient with this technique and have lost a fair number of fish. There are times when the bass are jumping completely out of the lake, it does seem like fishing is more productive at those times. Just because a bass has jumped in a particular spot doesn’t mean I will catch one by throwing there. 

Typical Bass Boat

Bass Tournament

Many people invest a large amount of money and time in their bass fishing; although that is mainly for tournament fishing. The boats they use have huge motors so they can get to the hot spots as quick as possible.  For what they are trying to accomplish no doubt that is what is needed.  For me I am having fun, spending almost nothing and seeing a lot of wonderful sunsets across the water.

Bill Kuhl

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  1. Awesome post!!!!!The fisheries have a hatchery, and then a series of different sized man made ponds where they raise the fish. The fish slowly graduate through the different ponds as they get bigger, until they are in an adult pond like the one in the picture above.