Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sledworks Radio Control Aerotow Event

On July 11, 2015 I was an observer for the Sledwork Aerotow event located near Owatonna Minnesota. The MRCSS soaring club uses the Owatonna RC Modelers flying field for several days to hold this event. On the Saturday I was there the skies remained overcast but the temperature was pleasant, if there had been more sunlight photography would have been better. Aerotow with radio control sailplanes is something I have yet to try.

Electric Carbon Z Cub Tow Plane


Emphasis does appears to be on scale sailplanes which really adds to the realism as does the many really large sailplanes with wingspans of a few meters.  Yet I noticed that you can experience aerotow rather inexpensive with an electric powered tow plane such as the Carbon Z Cub and a foam RC glider like the UMX ASK 21 which comes with remote tow hook control. I have one of these gliders but have never tried aerotow.   

I really got caught up in watching the really large scale gliders being towed aloft with tow planes powered by large 2 cylinder gas engines of over 100 cc. In just less than a minute these giant gliders were towed to height and the tow planes were quickly landing to take up the next glider. Watching the giant scale gliders gently touch down on the blacktop runway on a single main wheel was so cool to watch.

Twin Cylinder Towing Power

It was also great connecting with members of the MRCSS club that I had not seen in several years, I have rejoined this great RC soaring club and plan to be more active than I had been the last several years.

Bill Kuhl


Video of Typical Aerotow

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