Thursday, August 27, 2015

New - Old RC Glider Flies Like a Dream

I recently acquired a couple of radio control sailplanes that had belonged to a modeler that has left this world. My memory of him was from possibly 10 years ago flying at thermal duration sailplane contests. One glider is a 2 meter glider with spoilers and the other one is larger, possibly 3 meters. In looking over the gliders I determined the 2 meter glider required less work to put in the air. In my workshop I happened to have a new 2.4 ghz receiver and a new nimh battery pack, servos were left in the gliders. With the equipment installed I took the glider to a park for some test glides, minor tweaks to the trim and it looked good.

Yesterday was the first day in awhile with very little wind, I just had to try flying from a hi-start launch. Just so happened I had a new hi-start to test out as well because my older small hi-start was getting many breaks in the rubber. The reel that came with the hi-start didn't look good to me so I purchased a reel for electric cord to wrap it up on.

With the new hi-start strung out I was ready for some real flights with my new glider. I happened to bump the rudder and noticed there was no resistance but when I turned on the radio equipment the control was solid. Now what to do, I decided to fly the glider. Pretty wimpy launches to start with but it was flying great, no lack of control. I pulled back harder on the hi-start and get a pretty high launch. Make a turn to the right and notice the glider is going up, make a gentle circle and it is still going up.

What model this glider is I am not exactly sure, it does look like the Sagitta from pictures I have seen. It is not real light but it flies like a dream, completely predictable. I just keep doing wide circles and giving a small amount of up elevator. I wanted to take some video of it flying so I completely released the controls and let it fly free flight for a couple of circles. It was too high for cellphone video but I was amazed how stable the glider was. I tried to find stronger lift to go up even higher but I didn't find it, considering it was after 5 p.m. I thought the flight was amazing. For the landing I tried the spoilers and it slowed down in a hurry.

The rudder servo losing all resistance bothered me so I tested it at home more in the evening. There was only one place in the throw where all resistance to servo arm would disappear but that came back when the radio was turned on. I found a new metal gear servo in my basement and replaced the servo in the glider. The rudder pushrod was unsupported in the fuselage so I put stiff plastic tubing over that. I am so ready to fly this wonderful glider again.

 Bill Kuhl



  1. Interesting glider. It looks like an Airtronics "Sagitta" 2-meter wing built with the diagonal braces found on the 100-inch wingspan version of the Sagitta. The tail feathers look like they came from a Bob Martin "Pussy Cat" 2-meter glider. The British would call this amalgamation of several different glider parts grafted onto a fiberglass fuselage to create a hybrid glider a "bitsa." Replacing the rudder servo was a smart move, especially on a RES model.


    1. Thanks for your comments Marc, I think you could be correct in that it could be a combination of gliders. For me it flies better than my Allegro Lite which might not be dialed in yet.

      Bill Kuhl