Monday, August 31, 2015

30 Seconds in Winona Film Festival 2015

This year I entered two videos in the 30 second film festival that is part of the Frozen River Film Festival organization in Winona Minnesota. Last year which was the first year, I had been part of the entertainment before the showing of the videos outdoors at the band shell. I had flown model airplanes and launched water rockets which was popular with the kids and was planning to do that this year. Unfortunately for the event this year it rained most of the day and was held indoors in the Masonic building. Just to feel like I really was trying to demonstrate I flew my new rubber powered foam airplane outdoors in vacant lot, this airplane was the subject of my video Fantastic Foam Flyer. I had also created a video about the radio control sailplane event I had observed near Owatonna Minnesota this summer.

Film Festival Held at Masonic building 

People Just Coming in Music Just Starting

I was really amazed by the number of people that attended the event this year, just before the showing of the videos almost every seat had been filled. The quality of the videos appears to be improving and I was impressed last year.  My fascination was with the stop action, animated video, and the creative camera angles used in some of the videos.  The category Marshmallow and a Ruler I didn’t realize there actually had to be both items included so I added a slide with the marshmallow at the last minute which did make sense with the video and made a good point for the tutorial. 

A Few Flights of Fantastic Foam Flyer Outdoors

Face Painting Before Films
For me one of the most important aspects of the entering the event is that has inspired me to create other short videos.  I am finding that video linked from and linked to my website and blog is increasing the Internet traffic to get the word out about simple physics related projects and my model aviation hobby. Working with the short format I am experimenting with editing techniques to get as much across in a short time span as possible. In another building tutorial for my foam airplane I had a friend take video while I built an airplane, cut the segments to the most important elements, and then increased the video to four times normal speed.

Fantastic Foam Flyer Video

Aerotow Video

Marshmallow  and Ruler

Multiple Building Steps on One Slide

I am really looking forward to this event next year. It was announced that Frozen River Film Festival is hoped to have more activities going on all year long. That would be great.

Bill Kuhl


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