Tuesday, August 26, 2014

30 Second Film Festival - Winona

Recently I was part of a local film festival featuring videos that were only 30 seconds long. This is something new to our area as far as I know but there are events around the world that feature videos of varying short lengths. Festival director Crystal Hegge had attended an event with 10 second videos which really seems short to me. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to create a video this year but I was part of the Kids Entertainment before the video viewing.  Videos were shown on a large video screen in the band shell which provided for a good number of bench seats although most appeared to be filled. In the large grassy area behind the band shell I demonstrated model airplanes and water rockets.

Hammer Down Catapult Gliders

To start out my demonstration I flew a Radian Pro electric glider which has a 2-meter wingspan, this was the largest model I flew but it was easy visible thought out the park. Some adults had questions about the glider but I switched to the water rocket launching so the kids could be part of the activity. I also gave out some of my foam Hammer Down Catapult gliders to interested people. I finished off by flying some smaller radio control airplanes including the Guillow’s DHC-2 Beaver that was built for electric radio control.

Radian Pro Electric RC Glider

Volunteer to Pump Up Rockets

Blast Off Leaves Water Vapor

With my toys put away I headed over to view the 30 second videos. I was impressed by the number of entries by young people and the quality of what they had done. It seems like in more technical endeavors; Winona is really lacking for outlets for young people to develop their skills. The help that Jade Fang had given many people in creating videos to showcase their unique talents was also a standout to me. Having FREE events in some of Winona’s public area such as this event and Live @ The Levee should be a good start in building community spirit.

Good Crowd for Videos

Videos are Starting

Bill Kuhl

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