Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Live @ The Levee

Articles on my blog have normally center around my model aviation hobbies and the physics related projects on my website http://www.ideas-inspire.com. Last week I shared a post about an evening of kayaking with a group of people that meet Wednesday evenings to paddle the vast waterways in the Winona Minnesota area.  In this post I wish to share some pictures from a music event that has been held several times on the Winona levee on Saturday evenings. I attended some of the initial planning meetings but have to omit I have not been very active in helping because of other conflicting events in my life.

Music Tent

Tom Hipps Band

The Bus Boys
Those Darn Accordions 

This Saturday I was able to attend the event starting late afternoon, the event starts at noon and went to 11:00 p.m. Musical act when I arrived was a group featuring musicians with roots in Winona area that are amazingly talented. Tom Hipps and Pat Costello play in Winona often but this time had a third musician Rick Bell.  They did a wonderful job and really bonded with the crowd.

The next group was also local, the Bus Boys who I have seen perform and always do a great job. The final act was Those Darn Accordians who I had seen perform in Winona several years ago as part of the Grand Excursion event.

Vendors Tent

Fishing at the Levee

Boats Moored at the Levee

I have no credentials as a music critic but I enjoyed the music very much. It was so great to see so many people partaking in not only the free music on the Winona levee but also fishing, moored in boats, people enjoying picnics in the grassy areas on Levee Park and a whole lot of socializing going on.

Next Live @ The Levee   - October 11, 2014  

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  1. Wonderful coverage of the Live @ the Levee event on August 2, 2014 ... write up and photos! Thanks, Bill!