Monday, August 25, 2014

Fortunatas Coffee Roasting/Shop

I had the opportunity this weekend to experience a fairly new coffee shop in the Winona area that is part of what makes living in a river town such a fun experience. The proprietor of the coffee house Joe Libra I have known for several years and had purchased a beautiful wood kayak from him when he was building kayaks. Joe is a man of many talents and he has done a wonderful job creating a look to the building that is really unique including the front end Volkswagon bus from the early 60’s that extends out on the deck. Looking up to the ceiling you can find just about anything including Santa Claus on a surfboard or a large model airplane on pontoons.

If you can’t make the trip to Fountain City Wisconsin a town of almost 1000 a few miles from Winona you could order Joe’s coffee products online through this link   The beans are fair trade and organic beans from around the world.  The coffee roasting/shop was named after Joe’s maternal grandmother, Fortunata Pintaudi, a 100% Italian woman.

Kayak Built by Joe Libra

Sunday mornings there is often live music, Noah Hittner performed this Sunday on acoustic guitar with amplification.  I enjoyed the music very much and it wasn’t too loud that we couldn’t continue to chat. Noah is very talented writing music and books, be sure to check out his website to learn more.

On the big deck I found people I knew and others that I would soon get to know. There was a retired farmer that is a regular there that told me he came because there were a lot of smart people that come to the coffee house.  I knew a family there that drove hybrid cars and we started talking about the latest in energy efficient vehicles and it wasn’t long and other people were joining to the conversation. 

Noah Hittner

View of River From the Deck

Normal business hours are 7:00 am to 2 p.m. – closed on Monday. If I didn’t work in Winona no doubt I would be at Fortunatas often.

Bill Kuhl

30 Second Video by Jade Fang


  1. Great article - wish you could put it on facebook so that people who aren't aware of what a great place it is would see it. The pictures are great. Thanks.

  2. had put it on my Facebook, Noah Hittner's Facebook and this is the Fortunatas Facebook link: on Fortunatas Coffee Roasting/Sho