Monday, October 19, 2015

Last Sailplane Event for Season

October 17, 2015 our casual group of RC sailplane pilots had our last monthly event for 2015. Normally there is competition unless it is so windy that we go slope soaring, this year the wind was of a reasonable level for all events.  We started a little later than normal because it was chilly to start with but it soon warmed up and the thermal lift was pretty good.  This was a fun fly event where any type of sailplane could be flown but as it turned out most of the sailplanes were classic gliders with a lot of wood structure.

No doubt the highlight of the event was when Wayne flew the giant Sailaire glider he had refurbished. At the first event of the year Wayne had brought out the bare structure to show us, he did an exceptional job of refinishing this glider. I had posted a picture of this sailplane and other classic sailplanes to the Facebook group The Golden Years of RC Sailplanes and Modern Hybrids and there were so many Likes and positive comments. One person said, “One of the most beautiful Sailaires I've seen in a while!!! Congrats.   Wayne did some test glides which look real good and then put it on the winch. He carefully pulsed the winch but the wing had a rather severe bend to it, Wayne assured me that was normal.

Another classic sailplane was Craig’s Oly 2 which flew for first time in 30 years; he said it needed very little trim. Craig also had a beautiful Bird of Time with a T-tail.  There were also a couple of Wanderer sailplanes of two different sizes.  Wayne also flew his Raven and I flew an old sailplane that was a combination of different sailplanes. I think I must try too hard even in relaxed competition because my landings are a 100 percent better when not contest flying. Without risking the sailplane going downwind of the field in wind that was rather strong at times, I had a couple of 5 minute flights.  

There was a new (to me) pilot to the field from out of town that knew the guy that first helped me get into RC sailplanes and indoor free flight rubber competition. He had several sailplanes and appeared to be having a great time flying with us.  Sunday it was windy again but I did slope soaring, I really do not want the model flying season to end.

Bill Kuhl

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