Sunday, October 18, 2015

More Dynamic Soaring Adventures

I have had a good run of weekend slope soaring lately, today the forecast was for south wind which should be good but it appeared to be veering east and very gusty at times. First flights were done with a foam glider again, it was getting tossed around on the front side but I wasn't going to let that stop me from dropping around the back side. After flying a fiberglass glider on the backside for a couple of flying sessions I thought I might do better with the foam glider now. For a couple of laps I did but then it would be off course. The speed it was hitting was really good at times, one time I noticed it shudder as it pierced through the boundary layer. Somehow I managed to hit rather hard and knocked the wing off which also pulled the aileron connections, now I would have to fly the fiberglass glider.

Launching Dart fiberglass glider I gave it a wimpy throw and it was blown into the hill, it was so windy right then that it was hard to hold. Waited for a dip in the wind and gave it a good throw, it was flying good. It was flying fast on the front side; getting tossed around but I could handle this. I was thinking maybe I should be content flying on the front but no I wasn't going to be a wimp.

After the last flying session I put more down into the Dart trim, flying on the front it was fine but when it got speed up on around the back side I was pushing a lot of down. The speed was really fast some of the time, I heard the whistling sound a couple of times. There is much work I need to do yet to be flying the optimum circuit but at least I am not all over the hill like I was the beginning of the season.

So far with the foam Super Scooter the best I have done is 11 DS circuits, I decided I would beat that with the Dart. Lap after lap it went until it had done 12 laps and was starting the 13th lap but a gust caught it going around the top and sent it bouncing. Pretty good landing at the bottom so when I got up the hill I proceeded to try again. Again I did 12 laps but lost speed coming up the back side and stalled the glider. Very minor damage but I didn't have any epoxy along.

There will be time when the wind will be better and I will go lap after lap, I can feel it now. For sure I will not give up trying until I do.

Bill Kuhl

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