Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Scout CLG Drowns

At least that is my theory unless it was eaten by a monster bass in the small pond it landed in. Flying free flight model airplanes from tiny fields is always a risky endeavor but you work with what you have. Last evening the wind went down to almost still around 6:30 pm although the sky was completely overcast. I wanted to try out the new winding stooge, heavy duty winder, and a p30 class rubber model that I have added a DT system too.  As much of this is new to me I was really clumsy trying to make everything work but I had several short but really stable flights with the p30 model. 

Scout CLG

Scout Last Seen Floating

Another rubber model, the Guillow’s PC-6 Porter was tried with the new winding equipment and it flew well also. It was getting rather dark but it was so still, I had to try the Scout CLG model that I carry in my car. To start with it had too much turn and would spiral into the ground; I tweaked the rear edge of the vertical fin the tiniest amount and now it was gliding in the opposite direction in a very large circle. The glide was amazing, so slow and long.

Should have increased the turn or called it quits but I had to try one more flight. Up it goes; perfect transition and then it just glides and glides and glides. Oh no, it is getting close to the pond. Sure enough it lands in the middle of the pond. As quick as possible I pack up my stuff and go to get my fishing pole from my house a mile away. Come back but it is getting dark by now. I casted and casted but could not reach it, so run around to the other side. Still not able to snag on to it, but now my line is tangled on the pole. With much trouble I break off the line and tie a stick on, but that is way too heavy. It is really getting dark now so I give up.

Flying P30

P30 on New Stand

According to the forecast the wind was going to increase during the night in a direction that should bring it in to the close shore. I decided I would go over there before work and it should have drifted into the shore. The wind had come up and it was starting to drizzle but after walking the entire perimeter of the pond there was no sighting of the glider. 

No Sign of Scout in the Morning

Scout Pieces

Stan Buddenbohm created a really simple to build glider in the Scout, I have the plans and could easily build another. I think the glider really needs a dt system as it flies so well.  How I didn’t lose the glider one other time as it was circling in a thermal I will never know.

Bill Kuhl


  1. You might try using a PVC tube with an explosive gas from a rattle can to shoot a tethered tennis ball with an open face reel. Another handy thing would be an r/c sailboat with a monofiliment in toe hooked to a spinning rod. I used this to retrieve a friend's boat that snapped it's rigging. Just sailed around it and brought it to shore with the line

  2. Thank you for your comment. I should not have been flying so late, and then I would have had more time to retrieve the glider before it was too dark. Your ideas are good ones.

  3. Attach your line to a point on shore, walk around the perimeter of the pond with the line dragging in the water, snag the glider and pull in the loop.

  4. In the raffle at Lost Hills during last February free flight contest I received Stan's kit for the Scout CLG. Now that things are slowing down, I may have a few minutes to stick it together.