Monday, April 25, 2016

2016 First Soaring Event

April 23, 2016 was the first RC soaring event for a group of people mainly from the Rochester Minnesota area although often there are many people from out of town.  Like so often on the first event of the year it was windy. In the earlier years we would have been content to just talk sailplanes but as we get more experienced we fly in windier weather.

I brought out my heavy Shadow 2 meter that slides to the wind really well; the other fliers flew foam gliders. Wayne flew a Highlander 2 meter and George flew his Radian. There was lift but it was hard to stay with it for very long. I made the mistake of landing slightly cross-wind with the Shadow glider and broke the fuselage, something that has happened before.  I then brought out my Hyper-DL and hi start launched it, it penetrates pretty well for a smaller glider. On one occasion I was going downwind across the field low and a gust hit it and not enough room to recover, broken stab resulted.

The other pilots did better but Wayne had some damage to the fuselage of his Highlander by the stab by the end of the flying session. George took his Radian home without repairs needed. That afternoon George received his high-power model rocketry certificate with an amazing launch.

As we were packing up to go we noticed a hawk very low and close to us catch a thermal and start circling upwards. Following the hawk were two crows that appeared not to be very happy with the hawk.  Hopefully next month the winds will be lighter.

Bill Kuhl


  1. Thanks for posting ..Now I do not feel like miss a fun time

  2. It would have been a better day for kite flying.

  3. Very nice... See you guys soon...