Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dynomite Tip Launch Free Flight Glider

Over the course of the last couple of outdoor flying seasons I have been expanding my free flight model aviation hobby beyond the simple beginners’ model to slightly larger competition models. In 2014 I flew a tip launched free flight glider the Maxima 30 until losing it in the fall of that year when the DT failed.  It is a miracle that I did not lose it earlier flying from small fields. I wrote about some of my adventures with the Maxima in previous blog posts and had a huge number of views.

This past winter I built another TLG (tip launch glider) the Dynomite by Stan Buddenbohm, my primary reason for purchasing this glider kit was the DVD the National Free Flight Society had produced featured the Dynomite and the Scout CLG also a design by Stan. I purchased the Scout also which flew wonderful but I lost it in a pond. The video gives instruction on building and trimming the gliders. 

Note: Tip Launch or Discus Launch is where you grab a wing tip and spin around releasing the glider when facing forward again. It should give larger glider a higher altitude launch than throwing overhand as was done with conventional hand launch gliders.

Building the Dynomite went quicker than the Maxima 30 which had a built up wing while the Dynomite wing is solid balsa and comes tapered.  In addition there are more aspects of the Dynomite kit that are already done for you like in the front of the fuselage which comes with the DT built into the fuselage. Part of the boom pivot is also completed.  This model cants the wing and the stab slightly a technique the video brought out.  I finished the model with clear dope and spray paint as shown in the video.

So far flying the Dynomite has been hand glides to check the primary trim and some full discus launches with the DT set for no more than 30 seconds.  The launch appears to be higher than the Maxima but I do not have consistent transitions yet.  I really want to try this model on a larger field with longer DT time.  I plan to write further updates as I get more experience with the Dynomite.

Bill Kuhl

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