Thursday, May 19, 2016

Much to Learn About E36 Free Flight

I do like a challenge but this one is getting to be a bit much.  Advancing from small rubber powered and glider free flight models to tip launch gliders and electric E36 models has been trying at times for me. Before I had the Maxima and now Dynomite tip launched gliders adjusted and learned the launching technique I stuck them into the ground on multiple occasions. Maybe only once with the Dynomite as I am learning from previous mistakes.

To venture into performance electric free flight I decided to purchase the Pearl E202 and all the electrical components from Texas Timers. I started building the Pearl but I was really building slow, so thought I would put the electric in an old glow free flight someone had given me, a Starduster 350. That worked pretty well but this model had been flown before. On one occasion it had too much right turn and crashed into the ground, other times it dt-ed rather hard and did minor damage. 

Free Flight Side

Flying the Pearl E202 which I knew would go up really fast had me scared and most of my flying sites are so small. I decided to add a single function RC to the model so I could at least keep it over the field and hopefully save it if going into a spiral dive. The RC portion was on the outside of the pylon and could easily be removed when I had the chance to fly from a larger field.

RC Side

Yesterday was a perfect day so I had to try it, just glide tests to start.  The glide was not great but I thought the extra weight from the RC was the cause, it was pretty straight so no major warps. I gathered my nerve and decided to try a short power flight.  It went up like a rocket from what I was used to, some turn to the left which I corrected and then it comes down. No indication it was going to recover and the grass wasn’t tall enough to save it from damage. The pylon ripped apart and the wing had minor damage.  I thought I had lost the battery after I picked it up and started to panic about that but after 10 minutes of looking found it by the wing and transmitter.  Put out the hi-start for my Allegro Lite RC glider and 
realized it had to be bound to the transmitter so went home.

Battery in Bottom Right of Image

Last Crash

Repairs to the Pearl were pretty easy so decided I would add more incidence and try it again before lunch. I had a small shim under the stab and a good sized shim under the front of the wing. In glide tests the glide had more of a float to it.  OK time to try another power test, up it went, I turned it more to the right and it went into a glide; brought it down in one piece.  Thought I had it adjusted now but next flight it went into a dive again and no sign of it pulling out. This time the pylon ripped apart even more, think I will use light fiberglass on it instead the tissue.

Repairs are pretty much complete now, the pylon was epoxied back on with more positive incidence. I have not recovered the pylon with fiberglass but I think it needs it. I have thought of adding elevator control also until I can get the trim sorted out, I hate to break the model again.  My fear is with too much climb the model might go into a loop, it climbs very steep now.  The Dynomite TLG needed a lot of up too but finally I had enough.

Bill Kuhl

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