Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Foam Glider Event at Nursing Home

As the start of National Nursing Home Week I was asked to put on a program on Mother’s Day. This was the third time I had been there to present and this time I wanted to have the residents build a simple project. Previously I had done a history of aviation through model aviation and a program on non-aviation projects on my website http://www.ideas-inspire.com. These programs went well but I thought a build project even if only some residents could complete it would be good. I had foam plates traced to be cut out and also pre-cut foam pieces.  

To start the presentation I talked a little about my interest in model aviation. I had my Sig Riser 100 RC sailplane along so I showed that and also a rubber powered free flight the Peck Sky Bunny. Next I showed how I had started with the FPG-9 glider and then came up with other more complicated foam gliders such as the Foam Jet II and Hammer Down Catapult Glider. One of the residents I had worked with before building various projects such as foam model planes and a mousetrap car.  He really had fun at the event too and told me it was the most fun he had at the nursing home.

Everyone either built a glider, decorated it, or just flew one in the distance contest that we had at the end. The group was fairly equally divided between men and women.  The first launch of contest was the best as the glider flew perfectly straight across the cafeteria area. Taking a clue from bingo I had a stuffed animal toy for the winner.

Bill Kuhl

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