Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Two Cats

Out of necessity I have two cats living with me. They were my mother’s cats but it was getting hard for her to take care of them, I made some effort to find another home for them but accepted that they were probably stuck with me. Given a choice I would probably not have a cat but they have not been too much trouble.  It seems like many people either really dislike cats or like them, I am pretty neutral.



My mother most likely would not have a cat if it were not that I had brought one home that was wandering around a restaurant one bitter cold night and my dinner date convinced me I needed to save it from the cold.  When I brought it to my parents house my mother offered to take in which really made me happy, now I could visit the cat and not have to take care of it.

Missy, the name my mother gave the cat lived for 20 years but I had to have her put to sleep because she was in such pain at the end. Before this four more cats showed up at the house looking for something to eat. My mother couldn’t watch them starve and as far as animal control is concerned once you feed them they are yours. A home was found for two of the cats but that left two; one a tabby cat the other a calico and that is what my mother named them.

These cats would probably be considered feral cats and are afraid of anyone they do not know real well. Calico was always the friendlier cat and Tabby would sometimes hiss at me.  When the time came to take them to my house 50 miles away I managed to get each in a cat carrier for the trip. Once released in my house they immediately went into hiding.  It is amazing what a small spot a cat will crawl into and not come out of.

Although I had food and water out for them, they really didn’t seem to eat much; it was beginning to worry me. Someone had suggested offering them soft cat food to coax them out.  I tried pushing a can of food towards Tabby and she slammed it back at me with her paws. Eventually they did come out of hiding and became friendly towards me, sometimes too much so.

Calico Favorite Spot

If there is a lesson to be learned from this I would say it is that building trust is not a quick process but is possible.  Tabby who was often on the edge of attacking me follows me around and sits on me often. Yet both cats are only comfortable being close to me when the situation is right for them.  

Lately it has been rather windy so the only model flying I have done to speak of is some RC slope soaring  but the forecast today is looking favorable to light wind. 

Bill Kuhl


  1. Bill, you are one cool cat! I love your story. I am a paddle and X country ski friend. Guess who?

  2. As they age the cats will become less skittish and more affectionate. Still, it always has to be their idea.

  3. Cool that you are not a cat heater at least! Both Calico and Tabby are so adorable. One will never want to harm them. Your mother is such a kind woman that she has sheltered them and taking care of them too. Thanks for sharing the post about your experience with cats. Pets too have the right to live a healthy life and it our responsibility to take care of them properly. It would be so nice of you, if you'll keep those cats with you and take a little care of them. Visit Cat Neutering Simi Valley to know a little about cats and how to care them properly. Being a cat person, I suggest you to keep those small animals and let them live a healthy life.

  4. Actually I really enjoy the cats. Tabby is too friendly towards me now and I have to be so careful not to step on her as she follows me around.