Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thought Process in My Hobbies

Forecast on Wednesday of this week was for wind of 2 mph in the afternoon so I took vacation time to enjoy two of my hobbies, model aviation and bass fishing. Actual wind turned out to be stronger but still comfortable for flying. First I made more flights on Pearl E202 electric free flight and then RC thermal soaring with my Allegro Lite using a short hi-start.

Pearl E202 FF and Allegro Lite RC Sailplane

With many launches of the Allegro Lite I was not finding very good lift, the one time I did was when I flew farther downwind from the field behind a small hill covered with small trees.  After flying for so long I was worrying about my receiver battery so I went home which isn’t very far away. I got to thinking about my lack of thermal success, I wonder if the wind wasn’t blowing across the pond in front of where I was flying. Behind the hill and trees air there is very still was probably heating up and creating better lift.

New Spinner on Radian Pro Electric Sailplane

Area Behind Hill and Trees

Putting most of the models away I brought out my Radian Pro RC electric sailplane, I wanted to test the new aluminum spinner and the larger capacity battery new to the airplane. I also grabbed my fishing pole.  Back at the field I launched the Radian Pro and flew behind the hill, it started going up soon after cutting the power. Circling in that general area it stayed up for a few minutes, better than I had done with the higher performance Allegro Lite. With the Radian I could easily get back to the field if suddenly it was in sinking air.

Typical Largemouth Bass Caught and Released

Larger Bass
Tiny Bass Caught Last Year

By now it was getting later into the afternoon and I put the glider away and got out the fishing rod to fish in the pond next to the field. The evening before at this normally good fishing spot I had caught nothing. So far this season I had gotten skunked twice and only caught three fish in five times out fishing, the fish were fairly large however. The year before I had caught really tiny fish at the beginning of the season. Someone had suggested using a plastic frog to be able to fish the really weedy areas, I had good luck with that and started using that right away this season.

Really Heavy Weeds

On this particular day my fishing success was better and I caught a bass after not many casts, it was smaller but not real small.  After some unproductive casts I tried casting over the really thick weeds, to my surprise a fish snapped at my lure but missed it.  I casted over the thick weeds and darn if I didn’t catch another fish but it was really hard dragging it through the weeds to shore. 

Weed Covered Fish

For the rest of my fishing efforts I concentrated on fishing the edge of the really thick weeds and caught another fish and had bites from a couple more. From what I do know from watching fishing videos, fishing success often depends on finding patterns such as locations. I noticed small frogs were jumping into the water so I think my lure choice was good.  What I do not understand is why it seems like at different times it seems to be the size of the fish caught can be so consistent.  No doubt there are reasons for that.

Bill Kuhl

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