Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Flying Radio Control Power Planes Again

I started flying radio control model airplanes when I was 13 years old, the used equipment I started with was outdated at the time but I was thrilled to be flying.  All of the airplanes I flew back then were powered by glow powered engines and one with a gasoline engine from a chainsaw. There was a period of time that I gave the hobby up which lasted about 10 years. When I started model flying again I wanted to try new challenges which is why I started with free flight and radio control sailplanes, flying powered RC was seldom part of my flying.

Artizan Ready for Demonstration

Gasoline Powered 

With the improvement in performance for electric powered airplanes due to lithium batteries and brushless motors I have been flying some electric powered airplanes that are not gliders. Some of the electric planes are smaller electrics but a few years ago I purchased an electric power ducted fan jet (EDF) the Habu.  The Habu looked cool in the air and was fast, I was not real comfortable flying it.  On one occasion I did two rolls and then a turn, the Habu went into a spiral ending in a crash.  After repairing the jet I was always nervous flying it, it then sat for a couple of years.

Habu EDF

Habu Crash

I was asked to do a demonstration flight at the local airport so I got out the Habu again and made a couple of test flights. The next time I tried it the Habu went into a spiral at the bottom of a loop crashing again. Right away I started repairing but decided that for my demonstration I wanted an easier to fly plane that would stunt easily but wouldn’t fall out of the sky if it was slowed down a bit. My local hobby shop Everything Hobby in Rochester Minnesota had a plane the Artizan that fit the bill.

Large Cub at Private Field

On a Friday night I picked up the Artizan, assembled it in 30 minutes and was flying it Saturday morning.  This plane flies super smooth and will do any maneuver the pilot can handle but slows down super slow to land. The next day for the demonstration flight it was raining and windy, when the rain let up I flew the Artizan in the gusty conditions no problem.  I have been flying on a private field with other power fliers also and the Artizan can take off short grass fairly easily.

Bill Kuhl

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