Friday, August 5, 2016

Competitor and Writer at Free Flight Nats 2016

Last week I spent a wonderful week in Muncie Indiana at the national headquarters of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. I flew in a few events and also was recruited at the last second to take pictures and write short articles for a daily publication published during the Nats known as “Nats News”.  I toured the museum and had the chance to meet Bill Pritchett education director in person. The weather really was great for the end of July and I never had to stop flying because of weather conditions. I had the chance to meet several people that I had only known through the Internet previously including; Hank Sperzel, Hank Nystrom, Dohrman Crawford, Jack Murphy, Norman Furtutani, Joe Mekina, and George Bredehoft. Several people mentioned they had read of my foam airplanes or my science activities.

I will be writing in more detail about the week and flying in different events. Below are links to picture albums and a few short video clips I took.

Sample of Nats News :
This is pretty much all the pictures and a good share of the video from Nats 2016    Old Gas Models    FAI    Large Glow Models    HL & Catapult    Rise Off Water   AMA Museum    Jetex   Electric Free Flight  Towline Glider   AMA Administration Building

Video Clips   Rise Off Water Rubber Model    Denny Dock’s payload model   Dawn Unlimited 36 Pearl    Large Glow Model entire flight   F1C Folder Flapper   Rise Off Water Gas Model Crash  Ruth Bane Launching Jim O Rielly Test Flight

Added 8-16-2016  Large Glow Free Flight Breaks Wing Dan Berry Payload Flight   Bob's Flight  Flasher on Dawn Unlimited  Jack Murphy Test Flight

Bill Kuhl

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