Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Minnesota Free Flight Contest near North Branch MN

This past Sunday I made the trip to a monthly contest of the MMAC free flight club at their flying site near North Branch Minnesota. I had been there once before several years ago but believe they were flying from a different section. There is a lot of area but besides sod there are crops as well. My flights never made it into the crop area. For me this is over a two hour drive one way and there was a big detour that extended the time. Earlier this year I was planning on going but the weather was bad on contest day.

When I arrived I made some test flights of my Pearl e202 after doing repairs on the stab after the Nats, flights were pretty good but I think I need adjustments yet on the power phase of the flight. This was their mostly silent meet so there was a lot of rubber models, gliders, and a couple of glow powered airplanes. I flew P30, scale, and HL glider. 

It appeared that there was some lift in the morning but it was more consistent in the afternoon.  My last P30 flight was made in the afternoon and it landed fairly close to the edge of the grass area of the field. I was well satisfied as I do not have a tracker. Dave Edmondson had his P30 land a couple of miles away and it was found by using the tracker.

I spent a great deal of time flying at this contest but didn’t get as much time to spend on taking pictures and video as I would have liked.  One person I met has corresponded with me through the Internet. Steve had a beautiful Korda rubber model that uses the rubber band burning DT system.  It looked like a good combination of old tech and new tech. Gary Oakins had a really nice power flight that had people wondering if the DT was going trip, see flight in video link.

Bill Kuhl

Videos from the Flying

Dave Edmondson Hustler 750  -  https://youtu.be/GoBLjFKRMlU

Embryo Take Off - https://youtu.be/gTkNaE2tHOM

Long Glow Flight - https://youtu.be/gx4Pd3N5GFc


  1. Bill,
    It was great to to meet the famous Bill Kuhl and to even have him retrieve my Korda. MMAC has a wonderful flying site and some friendly members. I have only been doing rubber free flight for one and a half years. This was my third contest. It is a blast.
    Steve Pollina Adams WI

  2. It was great to meet the famous Bill Kuhl and to even have him retrieve my Korda. the MMAC has a wonderful flying field and friendly members.

  3. Thank you Steve for your comments. I was looking through the windshield of your model admiring how all those balsa pieces fit so perfectly together. Sometime I need to build an old time model.

  4. I really like the old timers. They just have so much class. New designs are too utilitarian for me. A great weekend for me, is building an old timer while listening to Old Time Radio on WPR. [Wisconsin public radio]

    A good plane to start out with is a Jabberwock.