Monday, July 22, 2013

Reflections on College for Kids 2013

In my first report on College for Kids I might have been slightly negative but I think it improved as the week progressed.  Most days I had two good helpers which really helped move the class along. After each year I try to evaluate where the projects might be improved for the next year based on the problems students were having.  For the model wind turbine I used heat shrink tubing over where the lead wires are soldered to the motor leads, still a couple of them broke off but it was much better than without the tubing.

Heat Shrink Tubing on Leads

On the mousetrap cars I used hot glue on the mousetrap to lever arm connection and wrapped with string. In the past the kids would not let the hot glue setup hard enough before moving the lever arm and it would come apart. That was not an issue this year but one mousetrap pulled apart, I guess somebody needs to build a better mousetrap. (groan)

The new project “Syringe Hydraulic Arm” went well for the first time though but the issue that I was afraid of turned out to be a problem; the tubing leaks connected to the syringe. I had wanted to find a solution to this but I just ran out of time.  I am thinking that I can put a tube over the tube on the syringe and then it would be a tight fit for the tubing.  The order I had the students assemble the parts for the project seem to work out fine.

Syringe Hydraulic Arm New This Year
All Screws Were Phillips Head & I Found Screwdrivers for .70 Each

3/16" Tubing over Syringe End Makes Clear Tubing Tight
Fix 7/28/2013

In the past I think some of the students were a little older, I specify grades 5 to 8 but this year it appeared more students might have been going into 5th grade.    Most of the harder or more dangerous steps were done by me, that is why it takes me so long to get ready for this class.  What I do fits the situation pretty well where a shop with many tools is not available.

Bill Kuhl

College for Kids First Two Days Report

Creativity - Following Directions - Failure

Spatial Ability and Building Models

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